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6" Grub Hoe
6" Grub Hoe
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Grub Hoes are used to dig and cultivate!

Grug Hoes have been used around the world for centuries - because they are fast, simple, and effective.
This very sturdy tool is ideal for digging and cultivating, for breaking ground for new gardens and raised beds or to remove or till-in sod. Can also be used to trench for drainage or utility lines.

The 6" (3 lb) Grub Hoe: has the perfect design and weight to enable fast, efficient cutting through sod, hard soil, stems, and small roots. The best tool for trenching, it allows digging and tilling in an upright position that is much easier on your back than using a pick-ax, mattock and trenching shovel.

The specialty head for this tool is angled for fast efficient digging and tilling.

The 5 foot long Ash handle is made in the USA.