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Italian Grape Hoe
Italian Grape Hoe
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Italian Grape Hoe

Fast and efficient weeding tool

The Grape Hoe is the tool offering the fastest way to weed large areas--but it is also a great tool for moving loose soil. The 8" specially tempered sharpened blade is set at the perfect angle for easy weeding and cultivating. It can be used to slice or chop even the toughest weeds & grasses. The Grape Hoe is a quick, efficient weeder for large areas, garden paths, around trees and is also a great aid as soil cultivator and mover in preparing beds.

The Grape Hoe, with its sharp edge is primarily a weeder and soil mover. (For digging, use the Grub Hoes. )

The tempered forged steel head is set at the precise angle for efficient weeding and cultivating.

Comes with a 5 foot long Ash handle made in USA