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Deluxe Multi-Use Dripline Kit
This Deluxe Multi-Use Dripline kit contains enough parts and instructions to irrigate 9 garden beds (4'x8'); or may be used to irrigate many patio containers, shrubs and small trees in the landscape. The Vari-flow valves in this kit allow you to control the flow to each irrigation dripline (on/off or any flow in-between). This is an exclusive feature not found in other kits on the market. Kit content includes:
  • 300' 1/4" dripline with 9" spacing between emitters
  • 100' 1/2" mainline tubing
  • 100' blank 1/4" tubing
  • Filter and pressure regulator
  • Fittings for 1/2" mainline and 1/4" lines
  • 36 Vari-Flow off/on and flow regulator valves
  • Assembly and use instruction
  • key punch tool and tubing hold-downs