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 An extension hose is used to lower a heavy timer/pressure regulator/filter  assembly to the ground, taking the stress off the hose bib.  High pressure (up to 150 PSI) hoses.

The #700 HOSE SAVER (8" long), shown below, installed between faucet and timer will prevent errant impact from damaging timer or its plastic fitting.

8" Hose Extension (SKU: 770)8" Hose Extension (SKU: 770)
3' length hose (SKU: 771-HPEX3)
5' length hose (SKU: 772-HPEX5)

Drip Irrigation Timers

Keep your gardens, landscape and crops regularly and consistently watered with no effort using drip irrigation timers from Water Your Landscape.
These battery-operated irrigation timers turn your watering system on and off at times you designate. With a variety of settings available from the several different models offered, you can select the ideal watering schedule for your plants to ensure the optimum health and production levels from your plants. Drip irrigation timers govern your existing drip irrigation system to deliver the perfect amount of water at designated times, meaning that you never have to worry about missing a watering period. The Zero Pressure timers are also programmed to turn off automatically when it rains, preventing over-watering.
The two models on this page, our best sellers, operate with zero pressure--making them an ideal option for gravity-fed systems, such as irrigation systems supplied from a rainbarrel or water tank. They will also operate under pressure up to 80 psi. The power source for each of these models uses either rechargeable or regular AA batteries and has solar panels to provide continuous power to recharge the batterys with no wires, attachments or maintenance required. To optimize watering, you can choose frequency, start times, and duration, allowing water to sink into the roots without evaporating, maximize the efficiency of your irrigation system and minimizing water waste. All of this makes your drip irrigation system more sustainable and effective.


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Two battery operated "rain barrel" timers
item skus: 059 & 060




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--or on any other water source with zero pressure up to 80 psi.

  • Start Times: Up to 24 per day
  • Duration: 15 seconds to 60 minutes
  • Frequency: every 5 minutes to every 3 days - 12 settings
  • Rain Sensor automatically prevents timer from operating when its raining
  • Pressure Range: 0-80 PSI
  • Flow Rate: 0-480 GPH
  • Batteries: 2 AA Rechargeable* or non-rechargeable (not included)
  • *Solar Panel recharges batteries
  • Low Battery indicator light
  • Watering interval Delay Feature
  • Waterproof Cover
  • Easy Programming
  • Warranty: 90 Days
Zero pressure LCD Timer
Similar to the Rainbarrel timer above but with LCD programming instead of dials.

This LCD timer allows you to program on-off duration (in hours, minutes and seconds) and on-off frequency (for any or all days of the week). It has the same solar panel which can be used to recharge 2-AA rechargeable batteries or you can use AA Alkaline batteries. (Regular Alkaline batteries will not be charged by the solar panel). The Rain Sensor automatically shuts down the timer in case of rain. There is a Low power indicator.
Operating pressure from 0 psi - 80 psi.

LCD Zero Pressure Timer

LCD Zero Pressure Timer

LCD Zero Pressure Timer
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Propagation/Mist: For the garden-greenhouse enthusiast the Solar Electronic Timer will time in seconds, unlike most all other hose timers which time in minutes! Let's say you want the timer to come on at 1:00 PM, and run for 30 seconds, every 3 minutes, and shut off at 4 PM. You can do it with this timer! Great for mist systems as well.
  • Solid water-resistent Cover
  • Start Times: Set hour and minute of desired start each day of the week
  • Duration: can be set in Hours, Minutes and/or Seconds
  • Frequency: can be set in hours, minutes or seconds (watering frequency must be longer than 10 seconds)
  • Rain Sensor
  • Low battery indicator
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Operating temps: 40F-110F
  • Operating pressure: 0-80 psi
  • Flow Rate: 0-8 GPM
We highly recommend installing a high-pressure hose extension to prevent errant impacts from damaging your water timer or connections. Drip irrigation timers should also not be exposed to freezing temperatures, and if temperatures are expected to drop below zero, timers should be disconnected and removed. All our timers have standard hose threading unless otherwise indicated.

Enjoy beautiful lawns, trees, gardens and crops without any effort by adding a battery-operated irrigation timer to your system. Act now to place your order, order here or call Water Your Landscape now at 812-212-9674.