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Increase farm profits--water more crops for less cost!

We now carry Aqua-Traxx®  drip tape, perfect for row crops and raised beds, offering a proportionally balanced cross-section design which provides uniform distrubution and reduces clogging. Its seamless construction reduces leakage at fittings. By placing water, fertilizer and crop protection materials precisely where plants need them, drip tape irrigation can increase crop quality and yields, while minimizing irrigation expense. 

Suitable for both large farm operations and small gardens, drip tape can be installed on top of soil, under plastic or subsurface, and is available in an assortment of wall thicknesses, emitter spacings and flow rates. Because of Aqua-Traxx®  drip tape's material strength, design, and quality production standards, it's the drip tape you can count on year after year.

We also will continue to carry T-Tape® in the shorter 100' lengths. (Both T-Tape®  and Aqua-Traxx®  drip tapes are 5/8" and are interchangeable).

Drip tape is meant to be used in straight lines. If you want to make sharp turns use the tape-loc elbow or tee, found on tape fittings page.

DRIP TAPE is the lowest cost drip system for rows and raised beds, suitable for any scale of commercial agriculture or backyard gardening.  It requires low pressure: 15 PSI maximum for the 15 mil. tape and 12 PSI for the others. 

15 mil. tape is much more durable than the 6, 8 or 10 mil. and is strongly suggested for use where soil is heavy or presents a rougher terrain or when tape is to be used repeatedly for many years.

With care, the 15 mil. tape will last up to 7 years when covered or 2-5 years when left exposed to sunlight (Depending on mil thickness nd environmental contitions). The lighter weight tapes will undoubtedly not last as long. Although the 6 mil. tape is the cheapest it is easily damaged and will likely need to be replaced each year. It is used primarily for large scale commercial crop production  (in strawberries, for example.) .

Drip tape's turbulent flow track emitter design provides a high level of watering uniformity. Each outlet is part of a true drip emitter, providing reliable drip flow without squirting. A specially designed slit outlet reduces insect damage, impedes root intrusion, and virtually eliminates start-up plugging from external contaminants. A fine (200) mesh filter and a low pressure (10 or 12 PSI) regulator is recommended for use with this tape. 5/8” drip tape fittings are used with this tape.

The 100', 80', & 60' rolls of T-tape are the most economical and convenient form for use in home garden situations.

These tape rolls come in 15 mi. (the toughest) with 8" emitter spacing. The Low flow tape emits at half the rate (20 gph/100') of the High flow (40 gph/100').

100', 80' & 60' Rolls of T-tape (Drip Tape)

         High Flow 100', 80' & 60'                                                                                                Low Flow 100'

The Drip tapes listed below appear grouped by thickness
The Rolls vary in length (The rolls 100' and under are T-Tape brand, the larger rolls are Aqua-Traxx), emitter spacing and flow rate.
15 mil. DRIP TAPE
8" o.c. emitter spacing, high flow: 40 GPH/100'
20 GPH/100' for 8" emitter spacing & 13 GPH/100' for 12" spacing
12" o.c. spacing, high flow: 27 GPH/100', low flow: 13 GPH/100'
12" o.c. spacing, 4,000' roll

12" o.c. spacing, 4,000' roll

1000' and larger rolls of Drip Tape have an additional shipping charge.

  8 mil. Drip Tape : 4" medium flow, 8" high & low flow

Suggested usage: Minimum tilled soils, double cropping, heavier tilled soils, or where more resistance to abrasion and insect damage is desired. Used in peppers, tomatoes, melons and vegetable crops.

 Available in 4" emitter spacing MEDIUM flow (60 gph/100'@8psi), and 8" in both HIGH (40 gph) and LOW (20 gph) flow, rolls of 7,5000'

Maximum row length of 4" medium flow is 140'; -- Max row length of 8" high flow is 200'; low flow 380'

  6 mil. Drip Tape 6" spacing

Suggested usage: 

Short season crops in medium tilled soils that contain slight residue from a previous crop. Beneficial for use with crops such as strawberries, melons and onions.

 Available only in 6" emitter spacing, LOW flow (27 GPH /100'), rolls of 10,000'

Maximum row length 280' using LSB fitting--with LSB400 fitting: 460',  27 GPH flow rate per 100' @ 8PSI

(Maximum 10 PSI pressure0

6 mil., 6" o.c. spacing, low flow, 10,000' roll

6 mil., 6" o.c. spacing, low flow, 10,000' roll