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Featured on this website is our selection of the most reliable, highest quality, essential drip irrigation components and drip irrigation products available for use in home landscape, garden, greenhouse, or orchard, continuously updated to serve you better. Here you can find everything you'll need to build a complete drip irrigation system, including our design assistance. We have also recently added GARDENING TOOLS, GARDEN TOOL SETS and PRUNING TOOLS to our product lines. 

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TUBINGBlank tubing (tubing without emitters built in) is used throughout a drip system. The tubing, made of thin-walled black soft polyethylene, is the main line that transfers water from the source to various emitter lines or sprinklers. This tubing is flexible enough to easily accommodate the various fittings and connections you will be using.
FITTINGS/VALVESThe easiest fittings to use, can be taken apart to make changes in your system.
DRIP TAPEThe lowest cost drip system for rows, raised beds, on any scale of commercial agriculture or backyard gardening.
TAPE FITTINGSBarbed fittings to connect tape to mainline tubing and for tape-tape connections.
MICRO IRRIGATIONMicro Irrigation brings water to plants located away from the main irrigation system through the use of micro tubing, dripline, fittings, emitters, sprinklers, sprayers, misters & stakes.
TIMERSWhen you're not there to turn the water on, or when you forget to turn it off and run up your water bill, a battery timer can be your best investment.
MORE TIMERSBattery opperators timers for irrigation systems
WATER FILTERSFilters , necessary for every drip irrigation system, remove sediment and other particles large enough to clog emitters.
PRESSURE REGULATORSPressure Regulators are used to reduce the incoming water pressure that is too high for drip emitters and fittings.
IN-LINE EMITTER TUBING1/2” polyethylene tubing with pressure compensating emitters extruded into the tubing at the factory. Offered in a variety of emitter spacing and flow rates. 1/4" tubing with 1/2 gallon per hour emitters at variable spacings.
DRIP CIRCLESInexpensive, adaptable, drip circles for tree watering
DRIP KITS & DRIP CIRCLE KITSVegetable garden kits irrigate with drip tape and some have additional punch-in emitters. The versatile Multi-use Dripline Kits irrigate with 1/4" drip-line which may be used for either garden beds or patio/container plants, trees & shrubs and landscape garden beds. Drip Circle kits featuring 1/2 in-line emitter tubing, are more specifically for irrigating trees of any size and shrubs.
DRIP EMITTERSSelf-flushing pressure compensating emitters at 1/2, 1, and 2 GPH flow rates.
SPRINKLERS/SPRAYERS/MISTERSEconomical ways to cover large areas or to meet specific needs
FERTILIZER INJECTORSFERTILIZER INJECTORS--The most efficient way to feed plants, utilizing your drip irrigation system.
More FERTILIZER CADDY INJECTORSFertilizer Caddy fertilizer injectors in many sizes
TOOLSTools for installing and maintaining your drip system.
ADAPTORSFor connecting drip irrigation parts with differing threads (hose/pipe).
HOSE FITTINGSShut-offs and other convenient adapters.
MINI GREENHOUSESMini Greenhouses extend the growing season by protecting plants from the cold, and from dessicating winds. To get a jump on the growing season use mini greenhouses to start plants and seedlings. Extend plant life in the fall/winter with mini greenhouses.
GARDENING TOOLSThe best weeding tools from the favorite gardening tools selection
BROADFORKDescription of the world's most versatile broadfork garden tiller--the Cartwright Broadfork
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All our products are proven low-cost agricultural quality equipment suitable for use in home gardens and landscapes. If you’re looking for a product you don’t find listed here, please contact us (e-mail is the preferred method) at products@wateryourlandscape.com. Chances are we’ll have what you’re looking for, as we carry a larger inventory of both drip and sprinkler equipment than the selected items represented on these pages.

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For claims under manufacturers’ warranty* or for defective or malfunctioning items

Call (812-212-9674) or email: products@wateryourlandscape.com. We will issue you an RMA number. All returns must have an RMA number displayed on the outside of the packaging. As soon as we receive your returned item, we will promptly ship you a replacement part. We must receive your returned defective product  within 30 days from your request.
*NOTE: Unfiltered emitters and valves are not covered under warranty.

Product returns
If you want to return a product for any other reason for a refund, you must contact us via phone or email, as above. You may return an item within 30 days from date of purchase (date you receive them). We will not issue refunds on items returned after 30 days. Refunds for items returned for any reason other than product defect or malfunction are at our discretion. If we agree to a refund on returned items you will be issued a RMA number. You will be responsible for return freight. All returned items must be clean and re-sellable. Timers and other packaged products must be in their original boxes “like new”.   You will be charged a 20% restocking fee for items returned.