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Water Your Landscape Home
irrigation in landscape garden
products for irrigating your gardens, row crops, orchard or patio/deck container plants.
Experience the convenience and water saving features of a drip irrigation system that you can easily install with parts from our complete line of irrigation products. Take advantage of our free design service. New to drip irrigaton? Learn more by visiting our Drip Irrigation Basics page.

Popular products:

  • FERTILIZER INJECTORS--Fertilize while you irrigate. We feature fertilizer injectors manufactured in the USA by Strong Industries because we consider them to be the most exacting in proportioning, and the most reliable and easiest to use fertilizer injectors available.

  • DRIP TAPE-- 60' to 10,000' rolls. Drip tape is used mainly for vegetable gardens or farm row crops, with 8" being the most common emitter spacing.  Aqua-Traxx®  seamless drip tape is available in 3 different wall thicknesses in rolls from 1,000' and over.
  • EMITTER TUBING-- 1/2" or 1/4" tubing with embedded emitters. Emitters are embedded in the tubing (see photo top right) with spacings available between emitters from 6" to 36".
  • Zero Pressure Rainbarrel TIMERS
    Of the 8 timer models we carry, the zero pressure timers are the most popular. They work in gravity fed low pressure systems where other timers don't. Embedded solar panel allows use of rechargeable batteries. Rain sensor prevents the timer from operating when raining.
  • Drip Circles-- for newly planted trees in the landscape. Positioned along a tree's drip-line --where the majority of moisture-seeking root growth occurs, a drip circle can be easily moved from tree to tree; or a series of them can be run off a connecting mainline.

  • DRIP IRRIGATION KITS-- or Customize a kit to fit your needs. Vegetable garden kits are a complete irrigation system. Multi-use Dripline Kits may be used for garden beds or patio/container plants, trees & shrubs and landscape garden beds.