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Custom Orders

Note: the amount shown does not reflect your total--when you submit your order the appropriate additional charge will be added to the amount shown below to match the amount you were quoted.

Additional Shipping to Canada

Additional Shipping to Canada

Shipping to Canada: $20.75. Amount paid for shipping $14.50. Ballance owed: $6.25
($6 will be added at checkout to total $6.25)
Special Order shipped to Philippines

Special Order shipped to Philippines

Order includes parts* total: $178.75 plus shipping: $59.00 via USPS Priority Mail International, TOTAL $237.75
To the price shown ($214.80 an additional amount ($22.95)will be added at checkout to total the amount quoted ($237.75).
* includes:
36 ea. LSB & LSGS (for beginning and ending 5/8" tapes)
3 ELV34 manual valve fittings for 3/4" tubing (.830" ID - .940" OD)
1 ELFH34 fitting to connect tubing to filter
1 FYHLSS155 Y type filter w stainless steel 155 mesh
3 ELT34 and 1 ELL fittings to branch off mainline
4 ELMC34 to terminate tubing.
1 PUY punch tool
1 060 LCD zero pressure timer.