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Create My Drip Irrigation Kit Create My Drip Irrigation Kit


1)  Draw a sketch of the area you want to irrigate. Show all measurements (length & width of garden beds, distance from one bed or landscape area to another, distance between plants in each bed or row, number of rows per bed, location and distance of water source...etc.) It is also helpful to state the type of plants in each area or bed (ie: vegetables, grape vines, trees, shrubs...etc)

2)  Indicate soil type (sandy, heavy clay, loam)

3)  Indicate the flow rate of your water source*

4)  Give water pressure (if you know it)

* To get your flow rate, fully open the faucet and let fill in a large container of know volume (ie: 5 gallon bucket) . Time how many seconds it took to fill the container. Divide the number of seconds it took to fill the container into 3,600 and multiply that number by the number of gallons in the container. The number you get will be the flow rate, expressed as Gallons Per Hour.

Send your sketch via email attachment or regular mail.

We'll contact you with a figure for the total cost of your kit and instructions on ordering.

The following is a sample sketch of a typical site:

Water Your Landscape

Water Your Landscape

Sample Site Sketch


The more descriptive information you include—
the better we can design your irrigation system
to serve you. 



  To send your information to us, use either of the following methods:

attach sketch and your contact information* and send via email to: design@wateryourlandscape.com

or Mail to:  

 Water Your Landscape

P.O. Box 210

Oldenburg, IN 47036


Don't forget to include

* Your contact information:


Complete Address

email address and phone number


Thank you for choosing to water your landscape
with drip irrigation!