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Each Broadfork comes with seven 13" tines, allowing you to use either 4, 5 or 7 tines on the same tool.



4 tines arranged 6" apart
4 tines spaced @ 6" apart
5 tine arrangement on broadfork
5 tines spaced @ 4"
7 tine arrangement on broadfork
7 tines spaced @ 3"

Cartwright Broadfork User Comments:


"I got the broadfork and it works very well.  I prefer your design with the horizontal pull bar because it makes for a stiffer unit.  It turned my garden faster than with a shovel.  

I have had some problems with some invasive grasses that spread through the roots.  The BF lifts them out so that I can remove them.   Perfect."    --JD, Kansas


"The broad fork worked great

… thanks for a fantastic tool."



The world's most versatile broadfork:

Purchasing the Cartwright BroadforkTM Garden Tiller, with its interchangeable tines, is like getting 4 broadforks for the price of 1.

Outstanding features of the CARTWRIGHT BROADFORKTM
Ergonomically designed to make garden tilling easier, the Cartwright Broadfork garden tiller minimizes strain on your body while allowing maximum soil tillage. The 13” hardened steel tines will penetrate soil to an 11” depth for deep soil penetration. The unique interchangeable tines allow for adjusting tine configuration and spacing: enabling one to use more tines (up to 7) for fine tilling--or for working loose soil—or for harvesting root crops, and fewer tines when used to break new ground or tilling in tighter soils. Tines can be easily changed and replaced, if needed, avoiding the expense and trouble of repair by welding.
The Cartwright Broadfork garden tiller is the organic gardener’s choice tool for tillage. With the toughest and most versatile design on the market, the Broadfork garden tiller is used to work up the hardest soil, loosening the earth to provide deep aeration without negatively disturbing soil microbial zones. The horizontal handle bar made of white oak and protected by a boiled linseed oil finish allows an ergonomically satisfying grip for easier more comfortable working action—a distinguishing feature of this broadfork, differing from the parallel upright or u-bar handles on other broadforks.
53" Cartwright Broadfork Garden Tiller
comes in 2 sizes: 47" & 53"
Available in two sizes—47 inches*, for the average size gardener and 53 inches, for the 6’ and taller gardener. (* measured from tine tip to handle.). The uni-body steel construction allows direct transference of the digging and loosening force, allowing for more work with less effort.
Get the world’s most versatile broadfork by ordering here or by calling now 812-212-9674.

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