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Each Broadfork comes with seven 13" tines, allowing you to use either 4, 5 or 7 tines on the same tool.



4 tines arranged 6" apart
4 tines spaced @ 6" apart
5 tine arrangement on broadfork
5 tines spaced @ 4"
7 tine arrangement on broadfork
7 tines spaced @ 3"

Cartwright Broadfork User Comments:


"I got the broadfork and it works very well.  I prefer your design with the horizontal pull bar because it makes for a stiffer unit.  It turned my garden faster than with a shovel.  

I have had some problems with some invasive grasses that spread through the roots.  The BF lifts them out so that I can remove them.   Perfect."    --JD, Kansas


"The broad fork worked great

… thanks for a fantastic tool."


The broadfork is used to loosen soil in preparation for planting or for adding compost or other soil conditioners. It opens and loosens soil while minimizing damage to the soil's living flora and fauna that provide necessary conditions for optimal plant growth.

You'll develop your own digging method or pattern with the broadfork, but I found it helpful to work backwards. By sliding the fork back a few inches after you finish the downward loosening motion...stepping back, positioning for the next insertion you avoid having to lift the fork completely out of the ground and move it forward each time you dig.

Also, particularly if the soil is heavy clay, making two passes, working perpendicular to the first digging direction on the second, will assist in breaking up difficult soil.



The world's most versatile broadfork:

Purchasing 1 Cartwright BroadforkTM Garden Tiller, with its interchangeable tines, is like getting 3 broadforks for the price of 1.

Outstanding features of the CARTWRIGHT BROADFORKTM
The unique uni-body design of this Broadfork--the toughest on the market--assures powerful tilling action with ease of use (your digging force is transferred more directly to earth with less effort than in broadfork models with verticle handles). The solid white oak horizontal handlebar is comfortable to use as it allows for ergonomically correct, efficient movement.  A boiled linseed oil finish on the handle provides good grip as it protects the wood. The 13" hardened tines will penetrate soil to an 11" depth and are  easily removeable with a hand wrench (should one ever bend)--avoiding the expense and trouble of repairs by welding. 
53" cartwright broadfork
comes in 2 sizes: 47" & 53"
The 53" model is a taller broadfork for the taller gardener. If you're about 6' or taller you may find this 53" broadfork more comfortable to use than the regular 47" tall model. Other than the height and weight (19 lbs.) all features (handle, tine length, and width) are exactly the same as those of the 47" model. 
oak wood handle on Cartwright Broadfork
Solid white oak handle provides a secure, comfortable grip

Unique features of the Cartwright BroadforkTM:

  • Interchangeable tines allow you to use either 4 tines spaced @ 6", 5 tines spaced @ 4" or 7 tines spaced @ 3". (While the 4  or 5 tines are useful in breaking new ground or for general tilling in heavier soils, the 7 tines are great for finer tilling, use in looser soils, and for harvesting root crops.)
  • The hardened steel tines can be easily replaced with a wrench--should they ever bend --eliminating the need of a welding service.
  • Horizontal handle made of white oak provides a comfortable grip, and it's positioned to make it easy to use the broadfork with less effort; thus eliminating strain in arms and shoulders.
  • There are 2 sizes available: 47" tall (measured from handle to tine end) for the person of average height, and 53" tall for the taller gardener.
  • Specifications: Uni-body steel construction for durability--13" tines (7) penetrate soil up to 11" deep --20" tine bar width--20" Handle width--Weight: 47" model 181/4   lbs., 53" model 19 lbs.  Tilling width measurements: 5 tines @16", 4 or 7 tines@18"


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